5 Reasons YouTube Marketing Is Right For Your Small Business

YouTube has grown from an entertainment site to an invaluable marketing tool, in fact, 78% of marketers agree that YouTube marketing is the most effective video marketing platform. 

Video marketing, in general, has reached new heights, why not create a specific channel that showcases your brand and grabs the attention of your audience? YouTube marketing offers another outlet in which you can connect with your target audience and can serve as a resource in your industry. 

Hundreds of hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute, but only 9% of U.S. small businesses use the platform to promote their business. As a small business owner, you may think that it would be a costly strategy to invest in, but even informal, quick videos would be a great addition to your marketing efforts. Here are five reasons why you should implement a YouTube marketing strategy:

It’s Free

YouTube accounts for both personal and business accounts are free. Depending on the time and effort you put into your video, your small business has the same potential to go viral as the big guys. Another plus is that you already have all of the equipment needed to launch your YouTube channel, so long as you have a smartphone and a computer. While it may help to keep your background neat and clean, depending on what suits your brand best, you can get really creative with it or choose to move around your shop for a behind-the-scenes type video. 

If you do want to take it to the next level, here is a list of items that may interest you.

Builds Trust

 Any time your target audience is able to physically see you, you’re building trust and reminding them that even though you’re representing your brand, it’s run by real people who care about their needs. This is also the time to show your expertise in your industry. Informative videos, not promotional ones, are perfect to upload to accomplish this.

The length of the video will vary by category, as long as you don’t get off track, don’t worry too much about the length and make sure you say everything you think is necessary for your audience to hear. Be sure to mention other videos that cover any topic mentioned in more depth and link them in the comments, so users have an easy way to view more content. 

Keep in mind, you want to be authentic in these videos, not scripted. This may be difficult at first if you are camera shy but be patient with yourself and record a few different videos until you get the hang of it.

YouTube Marketing Improves SEO

Just like Google, YouTube is a search engine and has its own SEO for you to optimize – but your YouTube content will also help your Google SEO. Have you ever searched “how to …” on Google and a YouTube video tutorial is the first option that appears? Google looks for user intent and wants to generate the most useful videos. 

YouTube SEO works similarly to Google. Your title and descriptions are important to your search rankings, but the most important factor is high engagement. More engagement equals more visibility. Here is a great guide to help you with your YouTube SEO.


Small business owners rarely have time to spare and each task must be executed as efficiently as possible. YouTube is a great way to train employees. By creating standardized training videos, you’re saving yourself precious time and money while ensuring that every one of your employees is receiving the same level of training. This is especially useful if your employees are remote.

Content Variety

There is a variety of ways you can leverage your video marketing, and some videos may generate more engagement and drive more sales than others but its encouraged to test out different content. Here are some examples of what you can do:

  • Customer Testimonials – Reach out to satisfied customers and offer them an incentive to record their testimonial for your YouTube channel. 
  • “How-To” Videos – Go in-depth with a demonstration so your target audience is 100% confident in how to use your product before committing to the sale.
  • Q&A – Ask your target audience to submit questions they have in advance and put together a video answering those questions. Be sure to recognize the user who submitted the question. 
  • Interviews – Get together with other experts and conduct interviews to build relationships and grow your follower base.


There are really no reasons why small businesses shouldn’t start a YouTube marketing campaign. It’s a fun and creative way to get in front of your target audience – and the best part is that it’s free. Taking advantage of another outlet to post content will help make your small business more widely known and recognizable. Get started on your YouTube channel today.