5 Reasons Your Business Needs an Active Facebook Page Today

No matter the size of your business – whether you’re a one-person show or oversee dozens of employees – your business needs an active Facebook page.

Facebook is one of the leaders in social media platforms used by businesses.

There is an array of benefits that come with an active Facebook page for your business. Chances are you have a personal account, so you already know how to navigate the system. Facebook also provides businesses with community engagement, market research, and peer recommendations.

The best part is that Facebook does this all for free, or at a very low cost, and can help you reach the billions of its users and potential customers.

Community Engagement

Facebook allows you to engage with your customer base one-on-one. It’s more interactive than other platforms such as Twitter or Instagram because those are fast-paced, or image-based. Facebook has your business’ information centralized and formatted for community engagement. Your customers and potential customers can comment, share, and mention your brand at any time.

By maintaining an active presence on Facebook, and taking the opportunity to interact with your fanbase, you are also building relationships and subsequently, brand loyalty. Keep your community engaged posting relevant data and links, and you can even offer incentives for activity on the page. Facebook for Business allows for you to organize contests and promotions to keep your fans and customers engaged. If your Facebook Page is bringing people together, you’re doing something right.

Market Research

Facebook Audience Insights is a tool that is built into the Facebook admin interface and gives you access to pertinent and valuable analytics. With this tool, demographics are broken down, so you can view gender, education levels, job titles and more. You’re quickly and efficiently provided insights on your market and you can use this information to gauge the direction of your business or specific products.

Along with tracking demographics, you simply learn more about your market. You can research hobbies and facilitate surveys. By actively sharing different types of blogs and articles, you can initiate conversation and get a feel for your market’s opinions about trending topics, best practices, and industry changes.

Other platforms or means of advertising are not as centralized and can be costly. In short, Facebook will help you define your target market and optimize your ads.

Money Saver

An active Facebook page is free and provides a low-cost marketing strategy for businesses. The more consistently active you are, the more traffic you’ll drive to your page and you’ll increase brand awareness. Facebook also offers paid advertising, which is relatively inexpensive and customizable. With paid ads, Facebook offers:

  • Campaign spending limit – You set a specific amount of money to an individual campaign.
  • Account spending limit – You set a specific amount of money for all campaigns.

You should also consider the types of advertisements:

  • Image – A branded or relevant image
  • Video – A branded or relevant video
  • Slideshow – A great way to engage your customers
  • Carousel – This is a great option for multi-tiered ad campaigns, it combines multiple videos or images in a single post
  • Collection – This combines photos and videos in a single post
  • Instant Experience – an immersive shopping experience

Setting up a Facebook page for your business is free, and even if you opt-out of paid advertising, it still proves to be a great home base for your business. The more relevant content you add, the better your SEO gets. By attracting an engaged audience and filling your page with useful content, you are positively impacting your SEO and making your business more visible – for free.

Word of Mouth

Every user’s action on Facebook could possibly be published in the news feed for all their friends to see. By setting up a free account, you’re already boosting awareness and sparking conversation. Consumers are becoming savvier about their purchases. How often do you buy something or eat somewhere without reading the reviews? One consumer survey revealed 92% of consumers trust referrals from people they know.

Word of mouth is powerful, and an active Facebook page gives you the opportunity to put your business out there and build credibility. The more people talking about your business and liking or sharing your posts, the more their friends and family feel comfortable patronizing your business.

Reach Billions of Potential Customers

With 2.4 billion active Facebook users visiting the site every day, it would be damaging for your business to miss out on such exposure. Your competition is already on Facebook, and it’s only becoming more valuable with the majority of users accessing Facebook on their mobile devices. This makes a significant difference in terms of Facebook’s feature, Facebook Nearby, which allows users to search nearby specific places and browse business categories – make sure your business is on that list.

An active Facebook page has countless benefits and if you do not have an account set up, you are missing out on building a community and gathering insights about your target market. Low-cost, effective, advertising pays off tenfold since you’re reaching millions of users who give their friends and family recommendations, every day. Sign up for Facebook for Business today.