7 Tips for Creating A Useful FAQ Page

A strong FAQ page could be the determinant that gives your potential buyer the confidence to follow through with the sale. FAQ pages are not only great for SEO but show your customers that you care about their experience and, more obviously, that you have the answers and understand the search intent of your target audience.

You’ve most likely devoted entire sections of your website to explain your product or service in-depth but don’t dismiss the power of an FAQ page, you can still benefit greatly from it. After all, it’s all about convenience and in today’s world, 75% of online customers expect help within five minutes. If you can’t monitor your website 24/7, it’s a good idea to include a question and answer section.

Why not spend time creating a frequently asked questions page that’ll drive traffic and improve your rankings? In order to get the most out of your FAQ page, follow these seven steps:

Talk to Customers

This is one of the easiest ways to determine which questions you should include on your FAQ page. You can always start with generic questions, or use google search as an aid, but gaining and applying feedback from your customers will be valuable to your website. 

Be sure to send out follow up emails to your customers and ask specifically for feedback, not just to thank them. Monitoring your social media accounts for any confusion or points of hesitation is also a great way to gain insight, as well as checking out what your competitor is doing for their FAQ section. If you don’t have the answers on your page, but your competitor does a great job of addressing concerns, you may be losing sales.

Organize by Category

It’s important that you have a well-organized FAQ section. Customers should be able to find the answer to their question right away and you can accomplish this by grouping questions that fit into the same category together. 

Build a Search Box

If you have an extensive list of questions, organizing by category may not cut it. Think about building a search box specific to your FAQ page. This will allow your customers to find their answer instantaneously and at the same time, you can gather information on hot topics that are being searched for in case you don’t already address them.

Include a Call to Action

A call to action button in your FAQ section is not only a nice touch but essential if you want to get a conversation going. Consider linking your CTA button throughout your answers when appropriate and include a more obvious CTA banner on the page. Be sure to link other sections of your website in your answers as well.

Here is an example of using the appropriate internal links and CTA.

Add the Facts 

Whenever possible, back your answer up with credible facts or even a link to testimonials. Your FAQ section is all about reassuring your customers and getting them off the fence, what better way to do this than with facts and customer reviews?

If you don’t yet have any statistics to add, you can always look for relevant statistics and insert those.

Make it Conversational 

While your answers should be direct and to the point, you can still give your FAQ section some life by making it more conversational. Some businesses accomplish this by using the “we” approach to represent the company or using the customer’s point of view, for example, “How Do I Sign Up?”

Avoid using high-level language, make your questions and answers as understandable and relatable as possible. If you feel like you’re using vernacular that someone new to the industry may not understand, you can create an FAQ section dedicated to this. 

Make it SEO Friendly

Any chance we get to improve our rankings, we should take, and FAQ pages are no exception. The focus of Google’s algorithm when ranking is user intent, not keywords – which is good news for your FAQ section since these are usually signaled by longer phrases and questions. Use these to your advantage and include them on your site. 

Start Creating Your FAQ Page Today

Your website and bottom line can benefit greatly from a well-organized FAQ section. Users should be able to find the answer to their questions immediately and be given the opportunity to contact you with any outstanding questions, so be sure to include that handy call to action button. Step outside of your company and position when forming the questions & answers so ensure that the average person will be able to understand the message. Need some inspiration to get started? Here are some FAQ page examples.