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Working with a Virtual Marketing Professional from The Small Business Marketing Studio saves you time and money while increasing revenue.

Choosing The Small Business Marketing Studio Versus Hiring a Freelancer from a Service Like Upwork or Fiverr

When you hire a freelancer from Upwork or Fiverr, it can be hard to find the right fit for your company. You have to sort through an overwhelming number of candidates, and you don’t have a guarantee on the quality of professionals you hire. If you don’t find the right fit the first time, you’re out the time and the money spend working with the freelancer – and you’re back at the beginning of the cycle again.

When you work with The Small Business Marketing Studio, you meet with a team of customer experience professionals who pair you with the marketer that best fits your need. If we don’t have them on our team, we’ll recruit a great fit for you at no additional cost.

Our marketers are fully vetted experienced professionals. Each virtual marketing professional at The Small Business Marketing Studio works through a standard of ongoing training to ensure that you get top talent for your business.

There is absolutely no guesswork involved – we are here to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible for you. If the virtual marketing manager doesn’t fit your needs, we have a full cohort of professionals to choose from. We’ll help you find the right fit at no cost to you, keeping your risks low and your business agile.

Choosing The Small Business Marketing Studio Versus Hiring an Employee

 You cannot grow without the right team, and it is almost impossible to scale a business without taking on employees. The hiring, firing, and management of employees is one of the costliest and risk-filled practices small businesses face today. If you are talking about a skilled professional – like a marketing manager – that cost can rise very quickly as you search for competent talent.

Just how much does it cost to hire experienced marketing practitioners? 

Not only do you have to consider a competitive rate of pay, you have to consider health insurance, taxes, and other benefits. The average benefits package for a full-time professional employee for a U.S.-based small business is $11.34 per hour, or approximately $21,849 per year, per full time employee in addition to salary costs.

If you don’t pay your employees enough, or provide a modest benefits package – they are more likely to move on to another company. Consistent employee turnover can be devastating to your business. In fact, according to The Work Institute, employee turnover cost U.S. businesses $617 billion in 2018.

At The Small Business Marketing Studio, we have created no-contract, no-hassle monthly packages to help you build the right marketing team for your business at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee. No loss of time or money in training, no employee turnover, and we take care of the employee costs for you!

Our Virtual Marketing Managers are fully trained to come to your business ready to go – no lag time, no training time – they’re ready to lead your marketing from day one. This lowers the number of hours you need to have them working in your business, which saves you money.

Average Marketing Salaries (per Glassdoor)

Stay lean and scale quickly with a virtual marketing professional from The Small Business Marketing Studio!

Choosing The Small Business Marketing Studio Versus Hiring a Traditional Marketing Agency

Marketing agencies can be extremely effective options for growing businesses. However, a marketing agency is not going to be fully dedicated solely to your business. Your agency account manager is likely serving dozens of other clients from various industries.

With a traditional marketing agency, your business is made to fit into their service packages, not the other way around. Your business is unique, and your marketing approach needs to be unique too!

At The Small Business Marketing Studio, you have a dedicated marketing practitioner in your business day to day. They build AND execute the strategy that is right for YOUR business. They take the time to get to know you and how your business works. You know what hours they work on your business. You have the assurance that you can make adjustments to your plan immediately, without incurring additional package fees. Your service package is 100% customized to your business – there’s nothing you don’t need, no fluff, and no inflated pricing.

With The Small Business Marketing Studio, you only pay for the hours you use every month. You can add more hours one month, and scale back the next depending on your need. You’ll receive an itemized breakdown of how your hours are used every month, along with the same standard of analytics reporting that you would expect from a top agency.

The Small Business Marketing Studio Guarantee

If your virtual marketing assistant or virtual marketing manager is ever unavailable due to illness, vacation, a military move, or another reason – we will add a backup team member to your account to ensure continued momentum at no additional cost to you.

Finding The Right Fit For Your Business

Our marketing professional subscription services are designed to fit a wide variety of business stages. For the best fit for you, select your business type:


If you are a one-person shop who need marketing help, our Virtual Marketing Managers will be the best fit for you.

Young Small Business

If you are a younger small business without a dedicated marketing department, our Virtual Marketing Managers will be the best fit for you.

Established Small Business

If you are a more established small business with an existing marketing management department, our Virtual Marketing Assistants can help you ease the workload for your team. Our Virtual Marketing Managers can also help you lead your marketing efforts.

Enterprise Businesses & Government Agencies

If you are a business with more than $5 million in annual revenue or a local, state, or federal government agency, our contract CMOs will best suit your needs.

Non-Profit Organizations

Schedule a consultation, and we will pair you with the right plan.

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