How it Works

No Contracts. No Hidden Fees. Just Quality Marketing Professionals for Your Small Business.

Here's How it Works:


We Get to Know You & Your Business

Every business is different, and we’re here to help! Our subscriptions are based on the hours you need to support your needs. Packages start at 10 hours per month, and range all the way to 40 hours per week per Virtual Marketing Assistant (VMA) or Virtual Marketing Manager (VMM). You can hire as many assistants as you need.

We’ll meet with you to learn more about your brand, your goals, and your budget to build the best plan for your business. With that, we will get to work to find the right marketing professional or professionals for your needs. You’ll be given access to your client portal and access to a dedicated talent liaison.


Choose Your Marketing Assistant or Marketing Manager

We’ll send you candidate introduction packets of three virtual marketing professionals that meet your requirements. These packets will include a resume & cover letter, custom portfolio demonstrating experience in your desired skillset, and a personality profile (we use DISC personality testing).

You’ll get to meet one or all of them via video conference and choose the professional who is the best fit for your company culture. You’ll discuss work styles, tools for success, and schedule expectations.


We Get to Work!
Once you’ve chosen your virtual marketing professional – your talent liaison, and your new virtual marketing manager will connect with your marketing platforms, set task expectations and goals, and begin work on your marketing efforts. Again, every business is different – so this phase is unique to your needs.


Management, Quality Assurance & Ongoing Support

Once you and your new virtual marketing manager or virtual marketing assistant have connected, we’ll be checking in with you and your marketing professional to ensure a positive working relationship. If there is ever an issue, if your VMA/VMM no longer fits your needs, or if you need additional support – we will quickly identify the concern and add to or change your VMA/VMM with another member of our team.

The Small Business Marketing Studio Guarantee

If your virtual marketing assistant or virtual marketing manager is ever unavailable due to illness, vacation, a military move, or another reason – we will add a backup team member to your account to ensure continued momentum at no additional cost to you.

Finding The Right Fit For Your Business

Our marketing professional subscription services are designed to fit a wide variety of business stages. For the best fit for you, select your business type:


If you are a one-person shop who need marketing help, our Virtual Marketing Managers will be the best fit for you.

Young Small Business

If you are a younger small business without a dedicated marketing department, our Virtual Marketing Managers will be the best fit for you.

Established Small Business

If you are a more established small business with an existing marketing management department, our Virtual Marketing Assistants can help you ease the workload for your team. Our Virtual Marketing Managers can also help you lead your marketing efforts.

Enterprise Businesses & Government Agencies

If you are a business with more than $5 million in annual revenue or a local, state, or federal government agency, our contract CMOs will best suit your needs.

Non-Profit Organizations

Schedule a consultation, and we will pair you with the right plan.

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