The Latest on Military Spouse Unemployment

Life as a military spouse has its ups and downs and one of those less than appealing realities is dealing with the military spouse unemployment issue. It can be very exciting to move around and experience more of the world than you ever thought you would and build friendships globally, but it comes with its […]

Find the Right Independent Contractor for Your Business

Find the Right Independent Contractor for Your Business

Independent contractors are gaining popularity with small business owners and entrepreneurs. After all, there’s a lot more flexibility and at much lower costs to hire a contractor. Many entrepreneurs who decide to hire independent contractors are faced with the same risks. How do you know you’ve hired the right person? Are there really more benefits […]

5 Reasons Why Instagram Marketing is Important for Business

5 Reasons Why Instagram Marketing is important for Business

Instagram is the definitive platform for sharing photos, so does this mean that Instagram marketing is right for your business? Businesses are finding more and more ways to connect with their audience and Instagram, with the advertising potential to reach almost 900 million, is surely a top runner. Instagram marketing is important for your business […]

5 Reasons Your Business Needs an Active Facebook Page Today

5 Reasons Your Business Needs an Active Facebook Page Today

No matter the size of your business – whether you’re a one-person show or oversee dozens of employees – your business needs an active Facebook page. Facebook is one of the leaders in social media platforms used by businesses. There is an array of benefits that come with an active Facebook page for your business. […]

4 Time-Saving Tips for Entrepreneurs

4 Time Saving Tips for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, time is one of your most valuable resources and any time-saving methods or tools are highly coveted. The trick to successful entrepreneurship is time management; how are you spending the 24 hours you have each day? Business ownership is extremely rewarding, but you’re doing yourself a disservice if you’re not properly allocating […]

3 Tips for Remote Work

If your organization has been affected by COVID-19, there’s a chance you’ve shifted from the traditional office environment to remote work. While the remote work movement was gaining momentum prior to the pandemic, it’s still very new and often overwhelming for an organizations and its employees to adapt to the extreme change in setting.  Familiarizing […]

Small Business Guidance For COVID-19

For businesses struggling to remain afloat during the COVID-19 crisis, a little help goes a long way. The Small Business Administration (SBA) has helped entrepreneurs grow and recover their small businesses for nearly 70 years. During these uncertain times, the SBA continues to offer its support to the nation’s 30 million small business owners with […]