The Benefits of an eBook for Your Business

Content marketing boils down to offering your target audience something of value, and few things offer more value than an eBook. If you take the time to write an eBook, you’re representing yourself and your business as a figure of authority in your industry, the go-to person to help solve an issue. Though it does require more of your time and attention than most of your content marketing campaigns, the benefits are great.

Don’t turn a blind eye on this business opportunity. eBooks allow you to reach a greater depth with your knowledge in your industry and a chance for expansion on topics that your target audience is surely interested in. The following are just some of the benefits that your business will appreciate when you publish an eBook:

An eBook Establishes Credibility 

As previously mentioned, by producing an eBook, you’re building credibility for your brand. You are the source of knowledge that those who download your book are actively looking for. It’s safe to say that writing a book on a subject, in the very least, gives you industry leader status. Not as many business owners are taking advantage of this.

Not to mention, gaining the trust of your market will make the price of your product less of a deciding factor. People will spend more money on a product they can trust, which is due directly to your expertise. 

New Leads & More Traffic

There is no shortage of blogs, or other short-form content circulating around the internet, but there isn’t as much long-form. Users are looking for more of the long-form, in-depth, content. This is what sparks conversations and encourages engagement. Creating an eBook will give you less competition and more leads. Those blog posts shouldn’t be neglected, though. Look at your analytics and find out what your audience is most interested in – this could be the foundation for your book. 

Repurposing your eBook is a gamechanger. You’ve already done all of the work to put together your most valuable content, why not use that same content in segments? You can use it however you see fit and you’ll only really have to change the formatting. The added bonus is you get to promote your eBook in the process.

Don’t forget to require an email upon download. This is one of the easiest ways to grow your email list and generate more traffic to your site. Even if your eBook is free, you can set up a landing page for users to receive your emails, like this one. Since your book holds great value, they won’t hesitate to provide their email, in fact, 80% of users would exchange their email for your eBook. Many businesses, especially in the time of COVID-19, are solely internet-based and the sustainability of online businesses relies on email lists. Here are other ways to grow your email list.

Simple Production & Distribution 

Producing an eBook can be accomplished in a matter of weeks. Once you’ve decided on content, you’ll want to spend time formatting. If it’s in the budget, outsourcing could be a great way to get your book published faster and it never hurts to have a second pair of eyes on a project. 

Like all digital content, distribution varies. You can offer your book on your website in exchange for an email, repurpose with snippets for your book and add the link to your landing page, or even go through Amazon. Don’t underestimate the power of influencer marketing, either. This may be something you have to play around with until you see what sticks, sound familiar?

Get Started

Analyze your published content to decipher what your target audience engages with and converses about. Once the first step is done, it’s a matter of expanding on those topics and formatting. Once you’ve put in the bulk of the work, you can use your eBook in different ways to generate leads and drive traffic to your website, all while establishing yourself as an industry leader. Here’s a guide to help you get started.