6 Tips for Twitter Marketing

To effectively use social media for marketing, we must first understand all the features and functions of the platforms individually, and Twitter marketing is no exception. With 500 million tweets sent daily, there’s some really unique content circulating out there and chances are that your competition is not missing out. Twitter is also set apart from other social media platforms because it is to go-to for live events, which always anyone to join in on the conversation. Access to high profile people and professionals has never been easier.

Of course, you will need to build your presence on Twitter with time in order to become a reputable source, but the good news is that it’s incredibly easy to follow, like, and retweet to get that exposure.

Twitter has been revamping its platform and tweaking their algorithms for our benefit, and now even offers its own marketing calendar.  Here are some tips that will help get your follower count up and your brand recognized:

Twitter Marketing Tip #1: Spend Time on Your Profile

Start with choosing an appropriate username, usually, the name of your company is best. You may have to get creative if you have a longer name, since this is only 15 characters long, so choose wisely. Tell the story of your business in your bio, stay authentic to what you stand for, and highlight what makes your brand different. Focus on keywords since you have limited characters. Be sure to include your website URL in your bio and any slogan, call to action, or relevant hashtags.

Select your company logo as your profile photo since that will be displayed everywhere and create brand awareness. You can get creative with the header image but try to keep it central to your brand. Here are some great examples of Twitter header images.

Twitter Marketing Tip #2: Content is still key

Utilize your 280 characters as best as you can. Your tweets should be on brand and focused. Hashtags are important to use in most of your tweets because that is what classifies your content and helps users find you if they are searching for that hashtag. While you should be generating and sharing your own quality content, don’t be afraid to retweet others if it’s relevant.

Twitter marketing is multimedia friendly. You can include videos, images, infographics, GIFs, and polls for users and your followers to interact with. Videos, in particular, are rising in popularity. This provides a great opportunity to really catch users’ attention in a way that an image can’t. Have content scheduled to go out every day, preferably multiple times a day. There are dozens of marketing calendars available, and many are free if you’re only adding one platform. Plan your content ahead and let Twitter do the rest.

Staying active will increase your Twitter ranking. By engaging regularly, your follower base will grow organically and start responding and interacting to your content. This is important because it directly affects search algorithms.

Twitter Marketing Tip #3: Listen

Yes, Twitter is a great platform to sell and promote your products, but you should balance selling with listening. Learn about your audience and engage with them. If you show that you care for your followers and make a point to interact, sales and revenue will naturally happen. If you put the effort in to connect with people, you’ll see a far better result than blindly trying to sell your product.

Not to mention, you can also learn a great deal about your competition.

Twitter Marketing Tip #4: Provide customer support

Many brands are using Twitter as a way to provide customer support. You are alerted if a user has mentioned you, so you can immediately handle whatever issue or concern someone may have. This is such a golden opportunity to build trust for your brand. Even if you are scheduling tweets ahead of time, you should have Twitter accessible in case you receive an alert.

Twitter Marketing Tip #5: Leverage Analytics

Twitter has a Conversations Insights feature that showcases your performance metrics and gives you insight on users mentioning your brand. You can use the information to decide the direction of your Twitter marketing strategy. As a side note, the Conversations Insights is available to media studio users with over 1,000 followers.

However, Twitter offers its classic analytics, that’ll help you focus your Twitter marketing strategy efficiently. 

Twitter Marketing Tips #6: Use Ads

Twitter has advertising options suited for a small business budget. This can be accomplished by paying for promoted tweets, which will allow more users to discover your profile. By using a promoted tweet, your tweets will appear on the timelines of those who have shared interests. The average cost for a promoted tweet is $1.35 per engagement – well worth it to grow your business!

Connect with new audiences and learn more about their interests to drive your marketing strategy. Twitter is an incredible resource for businesses if you have your brand represented well, start engaging and growing. Twitter marketing is only gaining in popularity and ease of use, make sure you’re on board to capture a bigger and more diverse audience.