6 Reasons Why You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing shows no signs of slowing down. If business success is all about location, aren’t we all online every day? At least a billion of us are. Don’t let your small business fall behind over something as simple and rewarding as a digital marketing strategy.

If you do not have an online presence, you could easily be funneled out of the buying decision. Today, it seems online presence is synonymous with authenticity and if you consumers are unable to research your products and services online, they may either lose interest or decide it’s too risky to buy from you. With digital marketing, you’re able to put the right message in front of the desired audience, at low cost, and open up a discussion that’ll give you insight into your business.

Digital Marketing encompasses all digital channels, making it very easy to leverage specific channels for specific audiences. Here are the 6 reasons why you need a digital marketing strategy:

#1: It’s Targeted

The fact that digital marketing can target desired audiences is well-known, but you may still be asking how this is done. One of the most common ways for companies to track their target audience is through cookies. When consumers give consent for cookies to track their activities, they’re essentially allowing their interests and hobbies to be built into a “user profile” which is used to align specific ads to those consumers. Learn more about cookies here.

Be careful not to over-specify your ads so you can avoid missing out on any of your potential consumers. If you’re unsure where to start and which ads will work for the targeted audience, that’s perfectly normal. Many marketers perform tests, such as the A/B Split test, which calls for a small variety of ads to put in front of your target audience and see which ad performs best.

#2: It’s Measurable

The metrics used for digital campaigns are usually built right into the platform you’re using, making it extremely simple to track the performance of your campaign. You are able to see valuable information such as who clicked on or shared your content and you can view the flow of traffic. The latter will allow you to track the consumer from when they first viewed your webpage, to when they make a purchase. This is important because you can see where some consumers may decide against a purchase and focus your efforts on that product or service.

Digital advertising is quick to measure since it shows the metrics in real-time, you’re able to make improvements or adjustments on the fly to maximize your marketing plan.

#3: It’s Interactive

Another advantage of digital marketing is its ability to interact with your target market. By communicating directly with your consumers via messages, comments, reviews, and social media posts, you’re also building brand loyalty and trust. Consumers feel respected when they feel listened to, and by interacting with them, you’re optimizing your digital marketing strategy. This also provides you with instant feedback to consider.

#4: It’s Flexible

Digital Marketing is flexible in terms of adjusting and improving as the campaign unfolds, but it’s also flexible in terms of being a multi-channel strategy. Any piece of content that you create can be shared by one click across all of your platforms. A portion of your target market may not be present on one of the platforms, but with today’s marketing tools, you’re able to successfully customize where and when your content is shared.

#5: It’s Accessible

Online shopping has grown exponentially, but mobile shopping has also gained a lot of traction. It’s been reported that 71% of millennials do their shopping on a mobile device and spend nearly 8 hours online each day. That’s a lot of opportunity for digital marketing.

The best part about advertising on mobile devices is that the infrastructure is already in place. There’s no need for you to create another campaign designed for mobile devices, just let your digital marketing platform optimize your content for mobile devices automatically.

#6: It’s Affordable

As a business owner, you’re always keeping an eye on the bottom line. Implementing a new marketing strategy sounds like an expensive endeavor, especially if you’re going to stand a chance against the larger corporations. The good news is that digital marketing is significantly less expensive than traditional marketing.

Prices vary depending on how you choose to market your content, but just to put this into perspective, a traditional print ad can cost between $2,000 – $160,000, whereas the cost of a Facebook post can set you back less than $10.

Don’t miss out on opportunities or overspend money on traditional advertising when there’s an amazing and effective channel of advertising available. Digital marketing is a great and affordable way to gain insight into your target market and start building brand loyalty. If someone gave you the formula for maximizing your profits and growing your business, wouldn’t you take advantage of it?

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