5 Reasons Why Instagram Marketing is Important for Business

Instagram is the definitive platform for sharing photos, so does this mean that Instagram marketing is right for your business? Businesses are finding more and more ways to connect with their audience and Instagram, with the advertising potential to reach almost 900 million, is surely a top runner.

Instagram marketing is important for your business because it shows your brand is active and ready to communicate with their customers. This is just the tip of the iceberg; Instagram offers a unique platform for your business to shine through with their visuals and storytelling. Here are 5 reasons why Instagram marketing is important for your business:

Instagram Marketing is Centered on Storytelling

Using Instagram gives you a great opportunity to show your personality and visually back up what your brand is all about. As a business owner, Instagram allows you to tell your story and create an emotional connection with your audience. If you avoid pushing products and focus more on your customers, you’ll see a positive impact.

Instagram stories is another great way to build an authentic connection with your audience. Many businesses share behind the scenes clips or answer customer questions using this feature. You can run ads and check out how your stories perform, which Instagram goes more in-depth about here. Stories go live for 24 hours, and you can get highly creative with what you post which is sure to generate new leads.

Don’t forget to create your own hashtags that you want to see trending!

Visual Content is a Core Component of Instagram Marketing

Visual content is one of the most effective and engaging ways to market. By running the right content at the most opportune time, you’re boosting your brand’s visibility. Unsure what the most effective content is? The good news is that it’s easy and free to change up your content. Here are some tips on how the Instagram algorithm works so you can fine-tune your Instagram marketing strategy.  

Not to mention, Instagram makes it extremely easy to share your content and not just within the platform either, but you can link it to other social media sites.

Instagram Marketing Can Introduce Your Business to a Wider Audience

One billion people use Instagram every month, and 63% of Instagram users log in every day. These numbers make it clear that if you’re not taking advantage of Instagram marketing, you’re losing out on countless leads. Do a quick search and find out what the relevant hashtags are for your industry and business and start adding those to your posts and stories.

Another powerful way to reach a larger audience is partnering with credible influencers who already have a large following.  Many influencers have worked hard to gain the trust of their followers, it’s as good as word of mouth from a friend or family member. By building a relationship with an influencer, you’re creating lasting brand awareness with a new audience.

Sponsored ads cannot be ignored either. You can control exactly how much you spend on your ads, making it easy for small businesses to budget for this marketing strategy. By using a sponsored ad, you can promote your brand to anyone that fits your target audience, not just your follower base.

There Are A Multitude of Opportunities to Engage Your Audience on Instagram

You may be swept up in analyzing the metrics for the content you have scheduled, but keep in mind that real engagement is the most important metric to focus on. You can like, comment, and share posts to stay active. Be open to responding to your follower’s comments on your content and address any questions or concerns visibility to gain trust. To do this effectively, you’ll need to monitor your feed and keep track of your mentions, but the end goal is more followers, brand awareness, and leads.

Free Instagram Marketing Analytics

Instagram Insights is a free analytic tool offered by Instagram if you have a business account set up. This tool allows you to see when your audience is on Instagram, which content you post is most popular, and how many users you are reaching. You can also compare your normal posts with those that are promoted to ensure your Instagram marketing strategy is successful. If you’re wanting more tools to measure your strategy, here is a list of free and paid analytic tools. 

Get started and set up a business account on Instagram today. There’s no other platform that boasts such creativity and shareability. Tell your brand’s story to a wider audience with high quality, fresh content, and don’t forget to engage with users in real-time. Instagram is always measuring your content for you, so you can easily go in and change up what’s not working and maximize what is.