4 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch For In 2020

The digital marketing landscape is ever-growing, and it can be difficult to keep up with digital marketing trends. Some trends look promising and end up being short-lived while others seem like they won’t take off but end up catching on. You may be trying to stay ahead of the curve by implementing the latest trend into your digital marketing strategy, but still fall short.

With all of the new technology emerging, marketers must adapt and employ the trends they decide will produce the best results for their organization. Here are four digital marketing trends to pay attention to in 2020:

Conversational Marketing

The success of conversational marketing proves that consumers want businesses to feel personal. The vast majority of consumers prefer messaging with businesses, but more importantly, the consumers want it to feel personalized. As a small business owner, you may not have the time or resources to monitor and converse with consumers online. This is where chatbots come in.

Chatbots are artificially intelligent software programs. You can pre-program responses in your chatbot to make it sound natural and answer common questions. Like most software, it’s very customizable and you can rest assured that your consumers or potential consumers are being catered to.

If you’re interested in chatbots but want to get a feel for what information you’ll need to pre-program, or perhaps you prefer a person over automation, live chats are a great tool. With Live Chat, a consumer can send a message to you or a team member in real-time. Learn more about software for chatbots or live chats and decide which works best for your organization.

Interactive Content

Interactive Content is content that users and click on, swipe or simply interact with online. By making your content interactive, you are able to gather data that is given by the consumer voluntarily. Interactive content is used to engage and hopefully education your consumers. The following are benefits of interactive content:

  • Better User Experience – When consumers are no longer looking at static content, and able to engage, they’re more likely to do just that and continue clicking through your content.
  • Shareability – If the goal is to go viral, interactive content is a great stepping stone for that. Since it’s captivating in nature, more users will share the content.
  • Relevant Metrics – While you’re still able to view traditional metrics such as click-through rates and page views, you can now monitor comments, shares, likes and completion rates. You can take a better look into why your content is successful or not.

Consumer Privacy

While all of this new technology and software is a blessing in terms of efficiency and automation, it also provides more of a reason to stay up to date on consumer security. The best practice for consumer privacy is to be transparent about how you’re using consumer data and posting your privacy policy. Do not collect any more information than you need. If you’re requesting irrelevant information, or at least irrelevant in the eyes of the consumer, you’ll lose their trust and patronage.

Livestream video

Livestreaming takes conversational marketing a step further. Livestreaming is an engaging and authentic way to interact with views and build brand loyalty. You can live stream an event, a tutorial, or even just go live for a Q&A. In fact, 82% of consumers prefer live video to social posts. Here are some helpful tips from companies who have implemented a live streaming strategy:

  • Have a Plan – Make sure you have an agenda, but don’t have anything memorized and don’t stick to a script. Live streaming is not a formal webinar, but an engagement tactic.
  • Strategize & Adapt -If your strategy doesn’t work, shift gears and try again. You must be willing to take risks.
  • Invite Others – Partner up with an influencer, which will help you ease into live streaming and expand your network.
  • Connect with your Audience – Take this opportunity, while you have a mass audience, to let them know how much you appreciate them.
  • Location Still Matters – Which streaming service are you using? Be sure you are going live where your target audience is. Here is a list of software many companies use for live streaming.

2020 Digital Marketing Trends Takeaway

Digital marketing is here to stay, so it’s safe to say that it would be advantageous for us to stay ahead of the curve with these digital marketing trends. It’s very easy to automate your services, but make sure it still feels personalized and safe for your consumers. Make interacting with your target market a priority by creating interactive content and live streaming when possible because you could be missing out on a lot of opportunities that your competition can easily pick up.