3 Facebook Marketing Updates Small Business Owners Should Know for 2021

Facebook has been making some big changes that will affect your Facebook marketing strategy, it’s a good idea to get ahead of the curve and hit the ground running in 2021 by staying updated. These updates shouldn’t alter the fundamentals of your strategy, but they should be taken into consideration. 

One of Facebook’s current goals is to aid small business recovery, which they’ve taken steps towards this year. No matter their intent to help boost small business recovery, their algorithm still seemed to favor large businesses due to the sheer amount of interaction and engagement. 

So, what’s next for Facebook? And which update can help small business owners? Facebook is rolling out ad limits per page, a Business Suite, and new brand safety controls. Here’s what you need to know: 

Ad Limits Per Page

Starting February of 2021, Facebook plans to limit the number of ads a Page can run at one time. This most likely won’t affect any small business owner’s Facebook marketing strategy. It’s more or less aimed at advertisers for political campaigns and larger corporations who tend to run thousands and thousands of ads at once. This has proven to be inefficient, resulting in each ad being shown fewer times, leaving Facebook with very little information about the ad in order to optimize it. Now, with more automation and personalization, Facebook is able to do more with less volume. Ads should be targeted at a more accurate audience and costs are expected to be kept down. 

With the goal of increasing effectiveness, these limitations should help boost small business content. Here’s a breakdown of the number of ads that can be actively running at a single time:

  • 250 ads per page for small to medium pages (less than $100k in their highest spending month)
  • 1,000 ads per page for medium and large pages
  • 5,000 ads per page for larger pages
  • 20,000 ads per page for the largest pages (over $10M in their highest spending month)

Facebook Business Suite

This update has already been rolled out and it’s definitely one for small business owners to pay attention to. Facebook Business Suite is designed to help small business owners with their Instagram and Facebook marketing by simplifying their content management. It’s a centralized dashboard, available through an app and on desktop, that will help small business owners publish, message, and view analytics. 

Everything is all in one place, making life a little easier for small business owners. For example, all of your notifications and messages will appear within your business suite instead of you logging into the different sites to manage your communications. You’ll also be able to easily view your analytics and make changes to your strategy based on what’s clearly working or not. 

Log into your Facebook Business Page and you’ll be automatically be redirected to the Facebook Business Suite.

Brand Safety Controls

Facebook has implemented new brand safety controls, giving you more control over where your ads are run so you will not be associated with any content that you don’t want to be. Here’s a glance at these safety controls:

  • Placement opt out – opt out of any placement you don’t feel comfortable with
  • Inventory filter – control the type of content your ad appears within
  • Topic exclusions – exclude specific topics such as news, politics, gaming, and religious content
  • Block lists – prevent your ads from running on specific pages
  • Publisher allow lists – choose where your ad runs
  • Content allow lists – review and customize lists of brand- suitable videos for running on your Facebook marketing campaign
  • Publisher lists – detail URLs where Facebook can place your ads
  • Delivery reports – access impression-level data at the publisher and content levels

Facebook Marketing for Small Business Owners

These new updates may be a learning curve for some, but they are intended to help small business owners by increasing their visibility. The Business Suite is a great idea for those business owners who need to save time, stay up to date, and view business results. Don’t take the brand safety controls for granted, either. Your reputation is everything and you don’t want your brand associated with anything that can compromise it. Reevaluate your Facebook marketing strategy and get ready for 2021!