3 Benefits of Video Marketing for Your Small Business

The statistics are in and its official, video marketing is one of the most effective strategies in digital marketing. Videos are memorable and can tell the story of your small business, it’s no wonder why video marketing drives greater response than other content types. Here’s a glimpse at just how powerful video is:

  • Twitter – Tweets with videos see 10x more engagement than those without
  • Instagram – 72% of users buy a product where they’ve seen a video ad
  • LinkedIn – video campaigns have 82% view rates
  • Facebook – 81% of businesses prefer to use Facebook for their video marketing

If you need some more proof, here is some additional info on video marketing. If 93% of businesses told you they’ve gained a new customer as a direct result from their videos on social media, wouldn’t you want to be on board? With video marketing, your small business will see more engagement, your SEO score will improve, and you’ll have increased interaction with the live video feature.

More Engagement

Think of your own experience when scrolling through social platforms. Does a video ever catch your eye? Do you share videos? With no character limits or stock images, videos present an amazing opportunity for you to creatively interact with your target audience in a personal way. For small businesses that may not have a large marketing budget, posting videos is something to take advantage of. Your phone already has a great camera and there’s free video editing software available.

By offering your audience a clear picture of every aspect of your business, you’re creating a powerful experience that they can understand, relate to, and start engaging with. The trick is to connect consumers to your brand story without selling your brand. Tap into what makes you different and put that content out. For time reference, Hubspot recommends:

  • Twitter – 45 seconds
  • Instagram – 30 seconds
  • Facebook – 1 minute
  • YouTube – 2 minutes

Other ways to maximize your engagement are to make sure videos are mobile-friendly, enable captions, keep the videos on silent, and don’t forget to add hashtags so the right audience sees your content.

Video Marketing Improves SEO

Google’s algorithm values the quality of your content and how relevant it is to someone’s search terms. If your website has both text and quality visuals, your SEO will be boosted because of the varied content. Video also keeps users on your website longer, which happens to be another thing Google pays attention to. The longer a user is on your website, the more value they’re getting from it, and the better your SEO score is. 

Users are 2x more likely to follow through with a purchase after viewing a video. This means not only will your SEO improve, but so will your conversion rates and ultimately your revenue. All for the inexpensive price of video marketing!

Live Video Increases Interaction

Going live on social platforms is the best way to make your interactions personal, and there are so many different ways you can leverage live video. Everything is in real-time, so you can hold a Q&A and answer questions right then and there. Go live for updates or a behind the scenes moment – you can even hold a contest and give away prizes. 

Live video encourages users to engage with your brand and post comments. If you’re hesitant about going live for the first time, try out Facebook Premiere. Premiere allows you to prerecord your video, but it publishes as a live broadcast, and all of your energy can be spent engaging with your audience when your broadcast is live. 

Don’t Fall Behind

Stay ahead of your competition by utilizing video marketing. Stick to what feels authentic, simple can be powerful. You’ll be sure to see more engagement with your videos, all while improving your SEO. There are countless ways to use video: announcements, updates, contests, tutorials, etc. Start that two-way conversation with your target audience by going live, your bottom line will thank you.