12 LinkedIn Business Profile Tips and Tricks

LinkedIn is the go-to platform for professional networking and job seeking. Maybe you have put your LinkedIn business profile on the backburner or maybe you have overlooked some features and opportunities, but rest assured, there are some great tips and tricks to enhance your business profile and presence in the online community. Investing the time in building your business profile on LinkedIn is just as important as building your network, and it’s key for businesses to maintain a presence on the platform.

Just how effective is a complete LinkedIn business profile and does it really generate a positive ROI? LinkedIn can answer that – with more than 690 million active users and 400+ million members hired through the platform in 2019, it’s safe to say that it’s a valuable resource for your business. If you’re at a standstill with your business profile, or just need some new ideas, take a look at these tips for a better LinkedIn business profile:

Mutual Connections

It’s easy to start connecting with those recommended by the algorithm but pay special attention to those mutual connections. These professionals are 5 times more likely to engage with you if you have a mutual connection. Ask your connection for an introduction and start building a relationship through your business page.

Customized Connections

You can also start building valuable relationships thanks to LinkedIn’s search parameters. You’re able to find your target customer by searching for names, companies, and positions. 

LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn defines LinkedIn Pulse as “Your daily news, powered by your professional world. Get insights and news, catered to you.” Be sure to engage with this content that is generated based on your activity and profile. Share and comment on articles to establish yourself as a credible and insightful source.

Publish Content

One of the best features on LinkedIn is the acceptable, and encouraged, long-form posts you’re able to publish and keep as a permanent part of your business profile. This content can be shared with those outside your network. Be sure to share your content, blogs, and articles to consistently build your profile. 

Start Your Own Group

There are millions of LinkedIn groups for a variety of focus in each industry but if you find that a group does not exist or are disappointed with the lack of activity or focus within an established group, start your own. Invite the appropriate connections with a concise introduction and start some discussions, which are sure to provide valuable information for everyone.  

Sponsored Content

Take advantage of sponsored content for your LinkedIn business profile. With sponsored content, your content is promoted to a wider audience through the LinkedIn Ads program. Depending on your budget, you can try out different types of content such as an image, carousel image, or video. You can learn more about Sponsored Content here.

Keywords in Headline

Keywords are an important part of every marketing campaign because they help rank you well among search results and your LinkedIn business profile is no different. Review your headline and be sure you have keywords pertaining to your industry included. Aim for two keywords, but definitely have at last one. 

Call to Action in Summary

Your prospects should have a clear direction when they visit your profile. Add a call-to-action to your summary that tells prospects what their next step is and how to accomplish this. Whether it’s filling out an application or visiting your website, make sure your LinkedIn profile is not a dead-end. 


Don’t overlook this feature. It’s a simple step for your connections to take that will add credibility to your profile. All they have to do is hit an “endorse” button next to skills that you have listed that they know and trust you possess. Ask your connections to endorse your skills by first endorsing theirs and adding value to their profile.

Avoid Default Messages 

When making connections, send them a message in your own words. This shows a superior level of care and attention and they’re more likely to engage with you. It’s also good practice to take the time and introduce yourself to connections who have requested you. You can create your own welcome or thank you messages ahead of time to have at the ready.

Don’t’ Sell

LinkedIn is about relationship building and adding value, not selling to prospects. If you are successful in building your profile and engaging with your target audience, the prospects should be doing the desired action.

Post Consistently

This has been mentioned throughout but it is important for you to stay consistent on LinkedIn. You should be in the know and this also lets your prospects and connections know that you are active, engaged, and ready to interact. If you are behind on posting content, be sure to at least login and make sure there are no messages in your inbox or connections waiting for you to accept. 

Take Inventory of Your LinkedIn Business Profile Today

How many of these LinkedIn tips are you practicing? Go through your profile with a fine-toothed comb and evaluate your level of participation and personalization when it comes to engagement and building relationships. If LinkedIn provides you with a feature, take advantage of it, and watch your profile succeed.