10 Tricks to Enhance Your Instagram Stories

Instagram stories have become one of the most popular ways to market new or existing products, in fact, now 73% say they are an effective way to market. With over 500 million users accessing stories daily, it’s no surprise that marketers are devoting their time and effort to craft the perfect, eye-catching, story. Even if you aren’t a pro at creating stories just yet, there are many benefits to maintaining an Instagram page for your business.

Like every other platform, Instagram is continuously updating and improving its stories feature. Whether you’ve mastered the art of Instagram stories, or are now dipping your toes in the water, here are some tips and tricks to help enhance your brand’s presence:

Swipe Up

If you are promoting a new product, don’t overlook the swipe up feature in stories. If you’re an active Instagram user, you’re probably familiar with this feature already, as many businesses and influencers take advantage of it to offer incentives with a quick and easy swipe to your landing page.

This gives you the ability to direct traffic to your website when prior to the swipe option, there was no way you could direct users from the platform. The only downfall – to add a link to your stories you must be a business profile with over 10,000 followers or a verified account. So, if your business is just building up their follower base, it may take some time to access this feature. If you do meet these criteria already, here’s how to add links to your stories.

Strong Visuals

While it is reported that about 60% of users will watch your stories with sound on, you don’t want to miss out on that remaining 40%. Use strong visuals to ensure you capture the attention of all users. Lead with bold headlines and keep the text short and simple so the message comes across clearly and powerfully. 

State What the User Will Gain

You’ll want to clearly state what the users will gain to drive conversions. Even if your visuals are lacking, a powerful headline with a short explanation, for example, “sign up for our newsletter and receive a gift today”, will tell your audience exactly what they’re getting and they’re more likely to visit your page.

Add Your Own Font

It is now possible to add your brand’s font to your Instagram stories, which is amazing for brand awareness. You’ll need to download a separate app to accomplish this, but it’s a fairly simple process. To add your own font:

  1. Download the Over app
  2. Use AirDrop or share settings in Google and connect your font’s .OFT file
  3. Click “Over” on the pop-up menu

Now, you can use your font when designing stories in the Over App.

Colors & Fonts 

You can now add extra colors and fonts to your stories. Instagram has almost 30 color options to choose from but if you can’t seem to find the perfect hue, there’s a simple solution. Once you select the pen icon in the upper right, hold your finger on a color and the larger palette will appear with every shade you desire. 

As mentioned above, you can add your brand’s font to your stories but there is another way to access additional, pre-crafted fonts. You can visit this website to use its font generator, copy your preferred font, and paste it into your Instagram stories.


One great way to grab the attention of your audience is by using Boomerangs. They’re silent, short, back-and-forth looping videos. Instagram gives you the option to record Boomerangs when you open stories, or you can upload a Boomerang directly from the Boomerang app. They are multiple ways in which you can use Boomerang effects to engage your audience. Here’s a quick breakdown.

Make Hashtags Invisible 

The invisible hashtag trick will help get your stories featured on the stories page. Businesses tend to opt out of adding hashtags onto their stories to avoid appearing too promotional and because they take up precious space that you need to get your message across. You can avoid this by making your hashtags invisible on your image. 

Simply place your hashtag over an area of your image with a solid background, highlight it, and drag the color pen as close to the hashtag as you can so the hashtag matches that background color.

Element of surprise

What better way to gain interest than to catch your audience by surprise? Bold statements, fun boomerangs, and large stickers are great additions to your story for this purpose. Videos are another option because you can use many effects, such as slo-mo to build up the drama. 

If you’re trying to catch your audience off-guard, think of creating something counterintuitive, even if this component serves as the headline and the image or background is there to support it. For example, if you have a tennis shoe company and you state “Ditch the Tennis Shoe”, that will be intriguing. Maybe you’re announcing a sandal or taking the tennis shoe concept to a different level – either way, it’ll be effective.

Solid Backgrounds 

Solid backgrounds are a great tool when you want your text to pop. Many brands use this as a way to break up a sequence of visuals with a call to action. To get the perfect color that fits in your color palette:

  1. Open Instagram Stories
  2. Select a random picture
  3. Click on the pen or squiggle in the top right corner
  4. Choose your color
  5. Once your color is selected (you’ll see this in the bottom left) click and hold your finger on the actual picture for a couple of seconds

Instagram Stories Highlights 

Your Instagram page has the option of adding highlights above your normal content, which don’t expire. Highlights are a great tool for those businesses with different products, so they can add information to their 24-hour stories and to their permanent place in the highlights. Users now have access to your creations whenever they want.

Highlights are useful when you want to organize your posts, whether that be by product, new and old, promotions, podcast clips, etc. 
Unsure if investing your time in creating Instagram stories is right for your business and target market? Here are some important Instagram statistics to help you decide.